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Apr 03 2012

How do people have time to blog?

I’ve been reading random posts on this site for months (usually during my most extreme procrastination moments) and each time I have only one thought – how do these people have time to blog and be in TFA? Today I was sitting across from a fellow corps member and I asked that outloud. She replied, “They don’t plan.” Well, neither do I really (more about that later, but I’m not just a slacker as you might think now). So I figured, might as well blog about it. I’ve been apprehensive about blogging about my specific experience because… well, it’s a tad different from most corps members’ experiences. And if anyone from KCMO reads this (staff at least), they will surely figure out who I am quickly.


So I pledge here to not give out too many details about how I ended up… well, a prodigal corps member. Suffice to say its been an interesting ride. I’m excited about finally opening up about it. :)




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